Happy New Year…


Happy New Year to you and your family and hope your 2012 is a safe, memorable and blessed one.

I’ve made a couple of resolutions this year, my first time ever making resolutions.  I’ve always thought them a little silly and why wouldn’t you just change things or do new things when you want to??  Despite my best efforts and despite that fact that New Year’s Eve is often an odd time for me I am constantly ‘romanced’ by the newness of New Years Eve and the ‘romance’ of the thought of a brand new year about to begin full of promise, full of mystery and full of a second chance if you will.

This year has been no different with a very full and BIG 2011 I felt I needed to make some resolutions, although they’re more like challenges to help me get through.  My challenges are all about getting the most out of my year and living it to the full, participating rather than sitting back watching and complaining rather than what I see some ‘resolutions’ being about, changing yourself and trying to be a better person.  I try to be a better person all the time, I try to be a better version of myself, especially after I’ve done something that isn’t the best me.

So…this year I’m fully engaged with my two blogs, although if I was really smart I’d have just created one and I’ll probably end up merging them.  I know I should have created pages but I’m an indecisive sort of person and I like the two things I’ve started, I like the different look of each of the blogs and I wasn’t sure how it would work, considering one is fairly focussed on my path to photography and this one is dedicated to my love of books, reading etc.  They’ll merge, I know they will and this post will probably be on both of them 🙂

The remainder of my challenges are below…stick around and see how I go with them.

  •  participate in a reading challenge
  • be more social on twitter and good reads/library thing [links to the right :)]
  • participate in a photography challenge [or two, i’ve signed up for two and seem to have created a new photo a day for myself by default]
  • complete a unit of my study…if i don’t finish soon it will deflate me!
  • complete my origami calendar

I know there are a lot, and boy it will be a big year of challenges and doing and participating! The challenges will require me to participate and be social and put myself out there.

So, if you’re doing any challenges or creating resolutions, I hope you do well and would love to hear about them.  I’ll of course post updates to these on here.  Again, wishing I only had the one blog, but I sooo love the names of my blogs…I can decide later, right? I don’t have a following so maybe thats what I’ll need to do.



Good morning, good afternoon and good evening…


My first wordpress post and again I’m nervous, like the first day of school.

I’m hoping as part of my new years resolutions to read more, enjoy my reading more and bring back the spark I had when I was a young voracious reader who couldn’t get enough.  I was one of those stay up late with the torch and read under the bed covers sort of people.  Although I titled my bed lamp so it fit under the covers and was continually told I’d burn the house down…I suppose I was lucky I never did…that lamp was VERY hot and I’d often fall asleep with the sheet wrapped around it.

I won’t bore you with a stack of details now, though I can guarantee I’ll tell you all about myself as time goes on; its what I do.

Just before Christmas this year I took part in the 2011 Advent Blog Tour and that completely sparked my interest in the reading world.  I’ve continued to be a reader my entire life, but this started something new for me.  I’ve always wanted to join a book club or book group and this seemed to be the turning point.  I’ve already got a blog for my photography and thought I’d try out wordpress, all the cool kids are doing it right?!? Right?  Anyway, wordpress seems to be the way to go, considering what I’ll be talking about.

So, sit back, enjoy the ride and hopefully I can meet some new people along the way.

Oh…and the title of this post? Its how I remember a line from the Truman Show, although I never remember these things correctly.  The significance here? Well, only that I seem to interact with people from all over the world rather than in my own country (Australia) and I can never tell what time it is anywhere.

Oh…and another thing…I currently don’t have a reading challenge or group set up for 2012 at all yet.  If you know of something I could participate in, please feel free to let me know.  AND if you haven’t already heard, 2012 is the National Year of Reading in Australia.  I’m VERY excited about it, another good reason for me to kick off my reading frenzy this year.